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Educational qualifications comprise one of the most important deciding factors in the entire recruitment process. They also, often, form the basis of shortlisting the suitable candidates and lining them up for further assessments.

While in an ideal world, we would get absolutely authentic information from each applicant, in reality, things are quite erratic. Corporations to start-ups and small-time businesses all face this issue of candidates applying for posts – with fabricated educational and experiential records.

Besides being a major nuisance and a waste of time for HR personnel in the initial processes, this is a troublesome issue with possibly far-reaching hazards, as employers run a risk of hiring entirely unsuitable or even dangerous employees.

Although it may not always be possible to assess the veracity of details furnished by each job applicant, it becomes mandatory to screen these details at least for all applicants reaching the final stages of hiring – including technical and prominent posts that require extensive use of a cited qualification.

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